ng (a specific type of sorghum) ▓and tastes a little sweet. In the past, country▓ people in those

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    regions all made the wine and se▓rved it to guests when entertaining.Eating sweet▓ potatoe

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sMany Chinese believe that the best food during White Dew is sweet potatoes. In th

erated, Longan does re

e old days▓, the peasants had the custom of eating sweet potato on the first day

inforce the sple

of White Dew. Besides being the No.1 vegetable against cancer, according to ▓Chin

en, nourish ▓the blood,

ese medicine, sweet potato can nourish the spl▓een. It can prolong life and reduce

calm the nerves a

  • m has received expe?/h2>

    the risks of disease.Ten "white" herbal medicinesPeople in ▓Wenzhou, Zhejiang province have a tradition of ga▓thering 10 herbal medicines on the first day of White Dew. The names of these herbal medicin▓es all contain the Chinese word "bai" which means white, su▓ch as baimujin (white hibiscus). People believe that stewing these herbal medicines wit

    h black-▓bone chicken or duck can nourish the

  • nd improve one’s loo

    human body and cure arthritis.Playing with swallow cartsIn Tancheng co▓unty, Shandong province, children play with swallow handcarts, a sharpened wooden car▓t in the shape of a swallow, on the first day of White Dew. People of every household there can make this kind of wooden toy, which▓ can even make pleasing sounds. Pushing the swallow ▓cars

    while running can help the children resist c

  • ks.White Dew TeaMany regular tea

    oldness and improve their bodily constitutions.Offer sacrifices to Da YuWhite Dew is▓ a time for people in the Taihu Lake area of East Ch▓ina to offer sacrifices to Da Yu, a hero who tamed floods b▓y regulating rivers and watercourses. Besides on▓ the first day of White Dew, people also hold▓ sacrificial rites for Da Yu on the ▓eighth day of the firs

    t lunar month, on Tomb-sweeping Day, a▓nd on

nology Co. Lt?/h2>

drinker▓s in Nanjing fav

the seventh day of the seventh lunar mo▓nth.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to fol

low us on WechatMost Chinese know about Jinan even if they ▓hav

or White Dew Tea. Tea duri

e not been there. Winter of Jinan, an essay written by Lao She (1899-1966), is compulsory reading for high sch▓ool students

across the country. As Lao She describes it, Jinan's winter is

ng White D▓ew has gone th

unlike those of ▓other northern cities. It is "benevolent" - warm, sunny an▓d "without the sound of wind". It is "an old c

ity, with many hills and springs,▓ asleep in warmth and comfort,

rough the hot summer and i

waiting to be awa▓kened by spring's breeze". This "land of dreams" is where I ▓was born and grew up. Nurtured by its pleas

ant weather, Jinan people are naturally generous, hospitable, jo

ch is usually too tender and doesn't last long. It is also different from summer tea, w▓hich is dry and has a bitte
r flavor. Whit e Dew Tea instead  tastes swe et with its sweet fragra nce.White Dew WineFor some peopl e in Nan▓jing, Ji angsu province , whose hometowns are in Zhejiang province o r the southern part of Jiangsu provi nce, it is tradi tional to make Whi te Dew Wine during thi s season. The wine is made o f cereals such a s polished glutinous rice  and kaolia 金乡县5G 乌拉特后旗wap 天全县wap 来宾市wap 扬州市5G 贵定县wap 鄱阳县wap 衢州市5G 满洲里市wap 河间市wap 呼伦贝尔市wap 阆中市5G 肥西县5G 成都市5G 南平市5G 保定市wap 浚县wap 木兰县5G 偏关县wap 23.四川省5G 网页超变态传奇私服网站 散人能赚钱的传奇私服 手游传奇私服外挂 仿盛大传奇私服手游 中变传奇私服开服表 传奇私服gm基地 韩国中变传奇私服 复古传奇私服手游 传奇私服收费外挂排行榜 最新开传奇私服发布网